Sea transport

Europort OOD, the official agent of Damco International for Bulgaria, organizes the import and export container handling in the Varna and Burgas seaports of the largest container carrier in the world, including the customs representation, the transiting, the containerization and de-containerization in these two seaports, the organization of deliveries and the pick-ups of shipments in the whole country, the sea freight forwarding with a focus on full container loads, the management of the supply chain for global customers of Damco International.

Europort has its own warehousing areas under customs control at the Sofia Airport and in Stara Zagora with segregated specialized premises for the handling, storage, and dispatching of dangerous cargos. The company provides all types of customs representation and customs warehousing services.

The Europort team maintain a high level of professional qualification by systematically updating their knowledge in the fields of air and sea transport, getting certified according to the standards of international and national organizations such as IATA, FIATA, NSBS, and other similar organizations.

Europort works in an integrated manner with the rest of the firms within the EUROSPED Group, which leads to flexibility in terms of the transportation services being offered, optimization of the costs, and the meeting of various transportation and logistical needs.

The Europort policies are aimed at the customer, their purpose being to offer the best possible customer service. Therefore, you can rest assured that we are going to listen to you with great attention, and we will quickly offer you an optimal solution under mutually advantageous conditions. We believe this is the only way we could maintain stable, transparent, and long-term relations with our customers, partners, and suppliers.

Europort, an agent of Damco for Bulgaria

Since March of 2015, Europort OOD has assumed the responsibility of being a representative for Bulgaria of Damco International. As an agent of Damco for Bulgaria, Europort offers complete transport solutions in more than 10,000 corridors worldwide, and it carries out the entire operational work for the territory of Bulgaria, including:

• sea freight forwarding with a focus on full containers
• handling of all full containers in the seaports of Varna and Burgas both for import and export purposes
• customs mediation and customs warehousing
• transiting
• containerization, de-containerization in both seaports
• organizing of deliveries and pick-ups in the entire country
• multimodal transportations
• from the servicing of single shipments to solutions for the supply chain management of the big global customers of Damco
• multi-country consolidations (MCC) for one customer

Damco International

Damco International is a global logistics company (among the Top 10 of the logistics organizations in the world) specialized in the transportation of sea containers and the management of the supply chains of large international firms as well as serving the transportation needs of small import and export oriented businesses. Damco operates on the global market with more than 300 company-owned offices in more than 100 countries, with a staff of more than 10,000 employees worldwide, and with a network of more than 500 partners. The firm serves the logistical operations in sectors such as retail trade, fast moving goods, electronics, the chemical industry, defense, mining, and so on. More than half of the companies included in the Global Fortune 100 list are Damco customers.


Europort is a daughter company of the Bulgarian company Eurosped AD. Europort has a narrow specialization in the handling of full sea containers for import and export in the seaports of Varna and Burgas (including customs representation, transiting, containerization, and de-containerization in both seaports, as well as organizing deliveries and pick-ups throughout Bulgaria). In collaboration with the other subdivisions of the Eurosped Group, Europort carries out all the activities related to the complete logistical serving of the Bulgarian and of the global transportation and logistics market.

Weekly consolidations by sea:
/weakly departures from a door or from a seaport/

  • Import and export related: Europe, the Near East and the Far East, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea basins, Africa, the USA, Canada, and Australia

Transportation of shipments by sea:

  • Multimodal transport (sea – road – air)
  • Transportation of containerized and non-containerized loads
  • FCLs (Full Container Loads) – full containers for the transportation of complete shipments
  • LCLs (Less than Container Loads) – consolidated containers for the transportation of groupage shipments
  • Import, export, transit, and re-export of containerized shipments on all routes via the Varna, Burgas, Thessaloniki, Koper and other seaports
  • Internal collection and handling of the container at the seaport of loading
  • Handling of the container at the seaport of arrival and internal distribution
  • Seaport operations in Varna, Burgas, and Thessaloniki

A qualified team organizes on behalf of the customer:

  • the negotiations with authorized representatives of leading ship operators
  • the processing of export/import, transport, seaport, and customs documents
  • the seaport handling of cargos
  • the payment of seaport and document related fees
  • the confirmation after the placement of a request and the submission of up-to-date information concerning the readiness of the goods to be loaded at the point of departure
  • the compliance with letter of credit requirements and the servicing of letters of credit
  • the tracking of the movement of the shipment and providing information to the customer depending on the changes that have occurred

Container types:

  • Containers of various sizes: from 20′, 40′ to large volume 40′, 45′ HC
  • Containers with special equipment: refrigerated, open top, flat rack, platform, tank, and box containers

Categories of shipments transported by air:

  • Conventional shipments
  • Non-standard sized shipments: goods such as boilers, masts, heaters, presses, locomotives, boats, satellites, military equipment
  • Dangerous goodsIMDG (without classes 1 and 7)
  • Special shipments:shipments whose contents includes valuable objects, dangerous goods, perishable goods, diplomatic and personal luggage, exhibition exhibits, humanitarian aid
  • Urgent shipments:shipments requiring handling at a seaport on non-business days and/or holidays, incoming shipments requiring manifesting and express handling within a stipulated deadline at the respective seaport

Track & Trace

Customer Service Hours:
Monday to Friday – 09:00 h – 18:00 h

Sea transport

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