Europort OOD has a contract of Freight Forwarder Liability insurance as a commissioner and as a warehouse operator with the insurance company EUROINS AD. The subject-matter of the insurance, the risks that are covered and those that are not covered, you may find here.

According to the General Conditions of Courier ServicesStandard Trading Conditions (STC) of NSBS, the  Standard Warehousing Conditions (SWC) of NSBS, the Commercial Code of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR), the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention (for transport by air), the Hague Rules or the Hague Visby Rules (for sea transport), and the other applicable legislation, the liability of the freight forwarders and of the carriers is limited to a certain amount and depends on the cause (culpable conduct). If you want your possible damages covered for a greater amount or for an extended range of causes, we would advise you to purchase a Cargo in Transit insurance and/or a property insurance for goods stored in a warehouse. In case of sea transportation, then we would advise you to purchase a cargo insurance in all cases.

The Europort specialists will help you in your choice of insurance coverage, and they can insure your goods on your behalf and at your expense on your explicit wish.