Asia Holidays Ltd. is a licensed tour operator and agent with a focus on the needs and wants of the Bulgarian tourists to travel to exotic places and to discover and rediscover new worlds and new emotions.

Asia Holidays Ltd. is a daughter company of EUROSPED JSC. The inspiration for its creation came from thinking about man and everything that could enrich people’s life.

Day after day, EUROSPED Group carries loads, shipments, and parcels to every destination in the world. The idea to “carry” also people to various beautiful spots on the Earth has already become a dream come true. In partnership with ITA Transworld Reisen GmbH, Asia Holidays Ltd. organises individual and group travels to some of the most attractive places in Asia such as – Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia Bali, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, India, and Dubai; to exotic places in Africa such as Kenia and Zanzibar; to the Maldive and Seychelles islands, to the island of Mauritius, and to the Dominican Republic; to everywhere in Europe, and to the most visited Balkan countries — Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. As many exotic places and things in the world as there are, the nature of Bulgaria, its curative water springs and lovely little spots continue to be a preferred places for respite and recreation. It is for this reason that Asia Holidays organises stays at the numerous and good spa, seaside, and mountain hotels of Bulgaria.

As far as the far-off destinations are concerned, we have put our trust completely on the longtime experience and professionalism of our partner ITA Transworld Reisen GmbH, which has been active on the German market ever since 1989, having established itself as one of the tour operators with the most affordable prices, attractive packages, and well developed contacts in the host countries. Through our German partner, we work in close cooperation with some of the most renowned operators on the global tourist market such as Dertour, Thomas Cook, Neckermann, Meier’s Weltreisen, TUI, ITS, FTI Touristik, and others.

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56 Christopher Columbus blvd.
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mob.: +359 889266191
е-mail: asia@asia.bg