Our Mission

Our mission is to be the Bulgarian market leader in the fields of freight forwarding and logistics, building up long-term relationships with our customers, partners, and suppliers based on trust and cooperation, to shape an organizational and management culture based on values, to contribute to the development of the Bulgarian economy and competitiveness.

Our attention is directed to all the organizations in the manufacturing, commercial, social, and public sectors, as well as to private individuals in need of transportation and warehousing services for small and large shipments both within the country and to any destination around the world.

Our goal is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering an optimal relation between the consumer value and the price of the services that we offer.

We are inspired by the idea of being carriers of the entrepreneurial spirit in Bulgaria and showing the worthy image of our country to Europe and the world.

Our Vision

We believe our strategic goal can only be achieved if we keep staying close to our customers by demonstrating our empathy and flexibility in dissolving their problems. We are continually looking for alternatives and developing together with them.

We vouch for the quality of the services that we offer by consistently improving the qualification of our employees, by our compliance with the internationally approved standards, by the development and implementation of innovative product and technology solutions for the logistics sector.

We believe that the loyalty of our customers, partners, and suppliers is a reflection of the loyalty of our employees to our company’s values and practices. For that reason, we endeavor to build a team of more that 200 professionals who are motivated and satisfied by their work and who follow the fundamental principles of honesty, responsibility, dedication, and commitment. This guarantees stability and steady development for everybody associated with the EUROSPED brand.