Who we are 

We are an innovative GROUP OF COMPANIES working solely in the field of logistics and related services.

To facilitate our customers, we offer solutions in ALL LOGISTICS AREAS based on our experience gained since 1990, as well as the total know-how of all our over 500 partners worldwide.

To contribute to overall success, we build LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers. This is how we create an organizational and management culture based on shared values and responsible interdependence.

We maintain a high level of satisfaction by promoting digitalization, multimodality, open innovation and offering the optimum value for money ratio for the services offered.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a universal leader in logistics, building long-term relationships with all colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers based on trust and positive interaction, forming an organizational and value-based management culture, supporting the development of local economies, competitiveness and community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continually improve long-term growth and add value to colleagues, partners, customers, as well as the entire society through continuous open innovation.

We believe that our strategic goal is achievable when we are close to our clients and build relationships based on the principles of friendship, empathy and flexibility, so that we can find together the best solutions for their business development by finding alternatives and growing together with them.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by a continuous investment in building systemic thinking and knowledge in our colleagues and partners. We enforce the latest established international standards by developing and implementing innovative product and technology solutions for the industry.