Eurosped manages the supply chain by encouraging the implementation of the following world-class good practices:

  • Forecasting — an underlying process based on the collection of data for past periods with the aim of planning the activities and providing what is necessary to carry them out
  • Cooperation inside the organization, sharing and management of knowledge
  • Measuring the key performance indicators with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness
  • Flexibility in offering services – the ability to quickly reconfigure the operations under specific demands from a customer
  • Utilization of optimal software products and IT services with the aim of optimizing the processes, securing easy tracking, and minimizing the probability of making mistakes
  • External cooperation with a primary focus on the relationships with partners, customers, and suppliers
  • A value chain by which with every service that we offer, we add value for the customer and obtain a competitive advantage
  • A developed system for acceptance, processing, and feedback to the customer in the event of a claim, complaint, or a notification
  • Several local centers providing adaptive 3PL and 4PL solutions and non-interruptible processes