Eurosped JSC Management commitment

During its more than 30-year history, Eurosped JSC has established itself as a Bulgarian market leader in the field of warehousing logistics and one of the largest 3PL and recently 4PL operators in the country. During the years of its existence the development of Eurosped JSC and its subsidiaries has been accompanied by difficulties and trials. However, what have guided us in an ever-changing environment are the generally accepted human, moral, and business norms of behavior. Guided by this understanding, we aim to establish general guidelines that are the essence of ethical business conduct in Eurosped group companies. Following the ten principles of the UN Global Compact for Responsible Business Practices in the field of Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environmental Protection and the Fight against Corruption, Eurosped JSC Management declares its commitment to comply with these principles and to demand the same from its suppliers and partners. All our employees should know that Eurosped adheres to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and holds zero tolerance to the corruption in all its manifestations. Eurosped JSC management realizes that it is responsible for making employees feel respected, keeping their personal dignity, encouraging the development of their strengths, creating conditions for free exchange of views and suggestions.

To the best of our ability, we will use our influence to promote the above principles among our contractors, suppliers and business partners and will require them to implement them in their work with Eurosped JSC.

Board of Directors of Eurosped JSC

Obligation of Eurosped JSC employees, partners, suppliers

  1. Do not endanger or violate the rights of colleagues and business partners.
  2. Do not allow any form of direct or indirect discrimination.
  3. They guarantee the confidentiality of everything confidential and has become known to them in the process of work.

Caring for people and relationships

Eurosped JSC management guarantees and provides equal opportunities for development of its employees, according to the capabilities of each of them.

Eurosped JSC management evaluates its employees with no any discrimination on national, racial, religious, political, gender and sexual, national, family, language or other grounds. We evaluate only according to the efforts made, activities performance, achieved results, accuracy, loyalty, empathy.

  1. Any form of harassment, insult and violence meets zero tolerance on the part of Management.
  2. Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries do not employ children who have not reached the age of completion of compulsory education, but in any case, do not employ children under 16 years of age[1]
  3. Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries do not use products or services of suppliers and subcontractors who use child labor.
  4. Eurosped JSC management holds zero tolerance for the use of alcohol and other narcotics in the workplace.
  5. Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries recognize the right of their employees to participate in trade unions and professional organizations.

Relationships with business partners, customers and suppliers

  1. Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries shall not enter into or participate in any form in “reciprocal agreements” and other illegal activities for the purpose of obtaining benefits.
  2. The selection of partners is based on clear and non-discriminatory rules. The companies refer only to criteria based on competitiveness, quality, loyalty and compliance with ethical norms.
  3. Employees are prohibited from offering, requesting or accepting gifts, cash donations, or any other benefits related to the performance of their duties.
  • Under no circumstances Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries employees can accept cash, gratuity, loans or monetary gifts from partners, customers and suppliers;
  • Under no circumstances Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries employees can accept personal gifts, hospitality or services when they are related to services provided by the company.
  1. Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries can support charitable campaigns and events in the field of social work, education, healthcare, science; the provision of assistance after accidents, natural disasters, etc. The decision to provide financial or other assistance is taken by Eurosped JSC Management.
  2. The following situations when an employee performing a second job outside Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries are inadmissible:
  • work for a client of Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries, for whom the employee performs services in his role of an employee of Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries.
  • Работа за фирма, която е конкурентна на Ойрошпед.
  • work for a supplier of Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries.

[1] 1 1999 International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention No. 182 concerning the Worst Forms of Child Labor and Convention No. 138 concerning the Minimum Age for Admission to Employment


  1. Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries do not participate in corruption schemes and do not work with organizations for which even a mere suspicion of participation in such is possible. In this regard, our employees do not participate (do not offer, do not provide, do not accept, do not promise directly or indirectly any benefit in order to obtain personal or business advantage) in corruption schemes. They inform Eurosped JSC Management in case of suspicion of bad practices.
  2. Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries support the fight against all forms of corruption and personal misconduct.
  3. Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries employees counteract corruption.

Competition and antitrust law

  1. Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries ensure that their activities are conducted within the framework of fair competition. They support free enterprise and strive for fair and ethical competition within the framework of existing competition laws and do not prevent anyone from competing freely with them.
  2. Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries comply with antitrust law for each of their businesses and in the countries in which they operate.
  3. Employees should be aware that the laws apply not only to Eurosped JSC group subsidiaries, but also to partners and customers.

Ethics Committee

  1. There is an active Ethics Committee in Eurosped JSC for the observance of the Code of Ethics and the resolution of cases that have arisen.
  2. Ethics Committee:
  • considers signals related to the observance of ethical rules;
  • gives interpretations on issues that have arisen;
  • proposes and/or imposes solutions on ethical issues, fully compliant with the interests of the companies.
  1. Every employee, customer, supplier or partner has the right to report to Ethics Committee.
  2. Ethics Committee shall consider the received signals and shall issue a reasoned opinion no later than one month after their receipt.
  3. For signals related to ethical norms please inform us at 

Eurosped JSC Code of Ethics was approved by a decision of the Management Board.