International Road Transport

In the EUROSPED Group, the international transportation of goods by road is organized by the daughter company Eurosped OOD.

As a part of the network of world-renowned groupage shipments’ operators, the firm possesses information, applies modern technologies, and works according to approved standards.

Eurosped OOD carries out international freight forwarding with road vehicles through the regular groupage shipment lines from and to the countries of Europe and Turkey, there being also opportunities for the delivery of shipments from and to Russia, the CIS countries and the Middle East. Through a well-developed network of partners, and contractual relations with carriers, the company offers the transportation of partial and complete loads, groupage shipments, dangerous cargos (ADR), and textiles on hangers. Eurosped OOD organizes customs representation, customs warehousing, and warehousing under temporary customs control etc.

The company works in an integrated manner with the rest of the firms within the EUROSPED Group, which leads to flexibility in terms of the transportation services being offered, optimization of the costs, and the meeting of various transportation and logistical needs.

The Eurosped OOD policies are aimed at the customer, their purpose being to offer the best possible customer service. Therefore, you can rest assured that we are going to listen to you with great attention, and we will quickly offer you an optimal solution under mutually advantageous conditions. We believe this is the only way we could maintain longterm relations with our customers, partners, and suppliers, and thus make sure that there is stability and transparency in our business dealings.







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    International Transport by Road

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