Eurosped Group

EUROSPED AD is the first Bulgarian company established after 1990 to provide services in the fields of freight forwarding, transportation, and logistics. Since 2010, the company has also been offering domestic and international courier services.
In collaboration with over 500 partners from Europe the world, we provide a flexible logistics network for the transportation of full and groupage loads to every destination on the globe.
The company is in possession of well-developed facilities: a modern logistics terminal near Sofia Airport with a covered warehousing area of 65 000 square meters with more than 15 800 pallet places, and several subsidiaries and warehousing facilities in Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Burgas, Slanchevo (Varna), Ruse, and Lyaskovets.
The transportation and logistics services are provided by several daughter companies, all of them working in an integrated manner under the umbrella of the EUROSPED Group. They are:

Bulgaria: Eurosped OOD, Eurocourier OOD, Eurohub OOD, Europort OOD, Eurolog EOOD, Technical Solution OOD

Serbia: Eurolog doo Beograd, Euroimovina doo Beograd

Russia: Eurosped OOO Moscow

Germany: Eursped Gmbh

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