At Eurosped, we develop the 4PL services in the territory of the Balkan peninsula (Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Greece and Turkey), our strategy being to wholly work with partners in the country and from outside of Bulgaria.

Outsourcing plays a part in the success of any organization. It is recommended to commission the  activities with a low strategic and a high operational value to the enterprise to outside contractors. The logistics services fall into that category for most manufacturers and traders. They are able to create a competitive advantage for the customer, but they are not among those key characteristics of the goods that contribute substantially to the perception of the value of the goods. It is still a widely used strategy to outsource the transport/forwarding services through an examination of the market for every single request – a labor intensive process which after a careful financial analysis and assessment of the risks turns out to be unprofitable in most of the cases.

We recommend to the manufacturers and traders several steps that can optimize the costs and lead to increased sales, and that in turn will make available additional resources for activities aimed at finding out and serving customers.

  • Make a schedule of your logistics needs, identifying those that you need on a regular basis. The latter can be outsourced and your related work can be automated with a one-time effort. Thus, you will be now able to direct your employees’ attention to more profitable activities with regard to your customer’s needs.
  • Create a catalogue of your requirements, describing what do you expect Eurosped to do, when, and how. Give us your indicators of success (key performance indicators) that are critically important to you and can have a direct impact on your business.
  • Assess the risks and the opportunities. In addition to the financial analysis, commission also the preparation of a legal assessment. Make yourselves aware what type of changes such an approach could lead to for your business, for your employees, and for your customers. Let us plan this change together. The majority of projects, no matter how good they are, fail as a consequence of this step being underestimated.
  • Draw up your enquiry in table form providing as many details as possible. Describe your requirements and the criteria you have defined. Create a table in a way that would allow you to analyze and compare the results as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Set out procedures and instructions concerning our cooperation. We are going to discuss them and test them in real-world circumstances.
  • We will hold together regular meetings to discuss our cooperation, and, above of all, to search for opportunities to optimize the processes. Be frank and share your ideas in a straightforward manner. This is how we will be able to make our partnership successful.
  • Share your resources with us, above all your knowledge. If you constitute a part of an international company, allow us to visit your offices in other countries to exchange experience and good practices. It will be a real pleasure for us to take part in your training courses and events that are related to our cooperation or that could lead to improvements in the way we work and serve your customers.

The steps are appropriate both for the outsourcing of transport services and the warehousing and handling of goods, as well as for the services related to that. A subject-matter of outsourcing to Eurosped could also be other services such as invoicing, checking-up and management of the cash inflows, management of the available stocks of goods, complete administration of the incoming flows of goods, acceptance and execution of the orders from sales, and a multitude of other services. Real life experience has demonstrated that the outsourcing of complex services presupposes an initial increase in your costs and their optimization within about a year from the beginning of our cooperation.