Information technologies

The team of Technical Solution is specialized in the analysis, automation, and management of processes through the use of information technologies, as well as in the development,protection, and reservation of computer networks with a multitude of locations – in various cities and countries.

The specialized software for the management of processes in the field of freight forwarding, transportation, and logistics has the following scope:

  • warehouse management (inventory management, batch and expiration date management according to several standards, management of value-added services, creation of logistical labels as per the EAN 128 standard, complete trackability of a production process, current, partial, and complete inventory taking, real time tracking of the temperature and humidity, generation and personalization of outgoing documents, management of public customs-bonded warehouses and temporary customs-bonded warehouses, link to software dedicated to the preparation of customs documents, invoicing, reporting etc.);
  • management of shipments and vehicles (requests for services, tariff creation and pricing, routing of shipments through hubs by the use of line haules or occasional vehicles, tracking of the movement and location, management of distribution units, automatic scanning of shipment documents with automatic distribution, management of cash on delivery, analysis of effectiveness, invoicing, reporting, and others);
  • management of customers (customer data, contacts with them, special tariffs and discounts, check-up of customers in various registers, management of deferred payments and credit limits, tracking and invoicing of payments, various types of notifications and reports, access to information about the shipments, including about the scanned documents via the Internet, data exchange with various systems, incl. SAP, Navision, data exchange with finance-and-accounting software, and others);
  • management of the partners, the suppliers, and the purchases (supplier data, checking-up according to defined criteria, franchisor management, tracking of the expenditures by type, place of origination, and by bearer, tracking of the payment deadlines and automatic generation of payment orders, various analyses, reports, data exchange with finance-and-accounting software, and others);
  • management of the personnel (employee files, planning for training courses and tracking of their results and effectiveness, interactive training courses, management of absences and work leaves, creation and prohibition of consumers, setting out rights of access to all the IT resources in the organization, including the access to the domain and to the services in Office 365 through the Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP, approval procedure for granting access to the information and resources, creation of identification cards, and determination of the levels of physical access to buildings and premises, management and control over the print-outs, links to specialized salary and wages software, and others);
  • 24/7 real-time online access to the warehouse processes and the shipments;
  • management of knowledge in the organization and documentation of processes and standards;
  • management of  4PL services;
  • protection of the information against unauthorized access, management of back-up services and records.

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