Country Dispatches
of imports from a country
of exports from Sofia
Austria Tuesdays (or Wednesdays) and Fridays By enquiry
England Thursdays-Fridays Fridays
Armenia Every week
Belarus Fridays
Belgium* Friday Fridays
Bosnia and Herzegovina** Mondays and Wednesdays Tuesdays and Fridays
Germany Tuesdays and Fridays Fridays
Georgia Every week
Greece Fridays By enquiry
Denmark Thursdays (or Fridays) Fridays
Estonia Thursdays Fridays
Iran By enquiry By enquiry
Ireland Fridays Fridays
Spain Fridays Saturdays
Italy Fridays By enquiry
Kazakhstan Fridays
Cyprus Tuesdays Fridays
Kyrgyzstan Fridays
Kosovo Fridays (from Skopie) Fridays
Latvia Thursdays Fridays
Lithuania Fridays Fridays
Luxemburg Fridays Fridays
Moldova Every week
Норвегия By enquiry By enquiry
Полша Every business day Fridays
Португалия Fridays Saturdays
Р. Македония Wednesdays and Fridays Thursdays and Fridays
Румъния Every business day Every business day
Русия Fridays
Словакия Fridays Fridays
Словения Fridays Fridays
Сърбия Mondays and Wednesdays Tuesdays and Fridays
Турция Saturdays Wednesdays
Унгария Every business day Fridays
Финландия By enquiry By enquiry
Франция Fridays Fridays
Холандия Fridays Fridays
Хърватия Fridays Fridays
Черна гора** Mondays and Wednesdays Tuesdays and Fridays
Чехия Fridays Fridays
Швейцария Fridays Fridays
Швеция By enquiry By enquiry

* Belgium and Luxemburg are served through the aggregated shipments line Bulgaria – The Netherlands, the vehicles departing from Bulgaria and The Netherlands every Friday. Requests from Ireland, Belgium, and Luxemburg are received until Wednesday 4:00 PM.

**Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro are served through the aggregated shipments line Bulgaria – Serbia, the vehicles departing from Serbia (Belgrade) every Monday and Wednesday, and from Bulgaria (Sofia) every Tuesday and Friday.

Recommended deadlines for requesting transportation: 2-3 days before the loading date