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Eurosped has developed and introduced a unique groupage shipment service to and from the local market of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, along with well-functioning lines with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran. Thus, the company is responsible for the needs of the European and in particular the Bulgarian business to expand trade with the countries in this region.

The new service has been developed to meet the macroeconomic and political context. The ban on imports of goods originating in the EU, namely fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, milk and dairy products, has made the Russian Federation a producer and, in part, an exporter of those goods. This became possible after the Russian business, as well as foreign investors from the EU, the USA and other countries, built modern production and processing enterprises in the territory of the Russian Federation. New factories of leading German car brands are also to be opened in Russia.

How will Bulgarian companies respond?

“Given the current situation, with a little courage and more awareness of what is allowed and prohibited in the import and export of goods, the Bulgarian business has an opportunity to increase trade with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and will start actively trade with them. Bulgarian freight forwarders and carriers must be prepared for the forthcoming expansion of the market, “said the CEO of Eurosped Group Stoyan Stoyanov.

For years, Eurosped successfully managed to develop groupage transportation to and from Russia, the countries of the Black Sea and Caspian basins and Iran, and today we can say that we are fully ready to meet the needs of Bulgarian exports. That is why for the first time on the Bulgarian market we provide the possibility of direct travel to a temporary warehouse under the customs control of a verified and secure correspondent in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Compared to the current transport schemes available, we have been able to optimize our prices by up to 50% for certain weight limits by improving our frequency and delivery time. We allow loading with consignments of fellow freight forwarders and carriers, subject to the principle of neutrality. The principle of horizontal co-operation has always been part of Eurosped’s philosophy.

“It is important for us to provide the maximum to our customers and to work for the purpose of intensive development of transport to and from Iran and Russia,” said Mr. Stoyanov.


What should we know about trade relations with Russia, the Black Sea and Caspian countries and Iran?

Usually they start by sending samples. Initially, volumes are best suited for groupage loads while the product is well liked and necessary. Most businesses strive to deliver fast and efficient deliveries by limiting capital expenditures by reducing inventory.


It is well known that the Bulgarian economy is relatively small and does not imply volumes that would allow many forwarding companies to travel on their own. For this reason, the practice in Central European countries is for freight forwarders to cooperate with other forwarding partners and carriers by way of consignments. Everyone benefits from it. The transit time and frequency of departures are improving. Vehicles are better compacted and hence cost-cutting, which translates into lower prices and better export opportunities for businesses.


Creating a partner network with Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries requires more time, cost and effort. Customs experience, internal networking and reputation are important. It is important to travel directly to the correspondent partner with the minimum number of transit congestions that Eurosped has created. The practice of transit through the Baltic States and Belarus complicates complex trade relations because it leads to longer delivery times and higher prices. It is also a fact that the Russian state is already criminalizing the neutralization in the Baltic States and Belarus of export declarations and invoices.


Eurosped has been developing the Bulgarian freight forwarding and logistics market for 28 years, the company is entirely Bulgarian and has logistic bases in 7 regions of Bulgaria and Serbia with a total area of over 50,000 sq. M. kg by land, water and air in Europe, the world and the country.


If you are interested, our freight forwarders are at your disposal. You can call 0700 19991 or use the following contacts to contact them:

Russia:, 02 9199 115, 0700 19991

Kazakhstan:, 02 9199 221, 0700 19991

Georgia:, 02 9199 215, 0700 19991

Armenia:, 02 9199 115, 0700 19991

Azerbaijan and Iran:, 02 9199 111, 02 9199 112, 0700 19991

Uzbekistan:, 02 9199 115, 0700 19991

Tajikistan:, +359 2 9199 115, 0700 19991

Kyrgyzstan:, 02 9199 215, 0700 19991

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